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Turning leadership challenges into
data-driven network solutions.

Network Leader provides organizations with analysis and insights to measure and improve their key people outcomes in many different areas.

Key Talent Retention

Professional networks impact the way key talent integrates into an organization and influences their desire to reamin there.
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Belonging, Diversty, Inclusion

Help people diversify their networks and create more equitable workplaces where inclusion is visible and actionable. Learn More


Ensure your talent has the social support to stay resilient during times of instability and change.
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Change and Innovation

Network Leader helps innovation agents boost their personal networks and ensure their projects move forward. Learn More

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Leader Network Diagnostic

Learn who is really in your network, what’s working, and how you can improve your network through the data visualization and practical steps provided in the Leader Network Diagnostic. It's a flexible, fully digital assessment that can be delivered and debriefed in a variety of different ways. Contact us to see how we can tailor our diagnostic platform to your needs.

Based on 40 Years of Network Research

We’ve developed a scientificlly proven method that helps leaders examine, analyze and improve their core professional networks.

Networking Goals and Retake Options

Leaders see real improvement in the quality and effectiveness of their networks when they create intentional data-driven goals and strategies.

In-Depth Data for Individuals and Cohorts

A full suite of immediately accessible reports break down complex networking data and provide context as well as personalized actions.

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The Impact That Networks Can Have On Our Lives

"It's given me the confidence and focus to expand my network and be willing to say yes to opportunutues I wouldn't have before considered"

The Network Leader Team

Kristin Cullen-Lester, PhD
Co-Founder / Chief People Scientist

Nick Petrie
Design and Delivery Lead

Cassaundra Brownell
Chief Revenue Officer

Christopher Kirkos
Chief Technology Officer

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Ryan Higley
Creative Director

Jordan Billings
Director of Operations

Phil Willburn
Strategic Advisor / Board of Directors

Rory & Carson
Unoffical Mascots

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Our team of network researchers and practicitoners are always coming up with new and innovative ways to help us all be more more connected.